“It’s not that we need a 10-year plan for the web, we need to turn the web around now.”

-Tim Burners-Lee, 2019
Source: The Guardian

If you are a human being reading this online (let’s assume good faith and I won’t make you select all the cars in an image to prove that you are), then this should matter to you.

Tim Burners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, had no way to foresee the departure of the web from it’s original creation and intention. The rate at which technologies are shaping our culture, identity, and society has become rapidly more alarmingly. We are at a pivotal moment in the advancement of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, and we can no longer afford to be passive voyagers through the ambiguous, murky, complex waters of what it means to be human in the contemporary world. Digital Humanities is/are more than meets the eye, as demonstrated by this very sentence. As I am progressing through the dynamic Digital Arts and Humanities course offered at University College Cork, I am beginning to understand some of the major debates and challenges in the development of the field and how intrinsically linked our work must be to the benefit of society. For the purposes of my dissertation as part of the UCCDH course, I will soon devise research questions and then conduct the research with the use of digital tools. I will be updating my progress on this website. (For more information on DH, you can follow our #UCCDH hashtag on Twitter or subscribe to our channel on YouTube. For anyone interested in the UCCDH courses, have a quick look at the 4-minute video below!)

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